1382,Kuddus khuthir,Road No-01,Block-B,South Khulshi,Chattogram

Bayzid Link Road, City By Pass, Chattogram

We are pleased to serve you at Sheema Automatic Re-Rolling Mills Limited (SARM) through our billboard advertising located on Bayzid Link Road in Chattogram. Our billboard is 50×20 in size (one side) and is located on the Bayzid Link Road, City By Pass in Chattogram. We are proud to be able to offer you our services through this billboard location. Our billboard will be seen by many different people who are travelling through this area, and it will help to spread the word about our services and products to a wider audience. We hope that through this form of advertising, we are able to reach out to more people and make them aware of our services. We believe that this billboard location will help us to reach out to more customers and bring in more business for us. We thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to serving you in the future.

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